At Menarini France, we transform our values into actions on a daily basis.

Our three fundamental drivers represent an amalgamation of the Group's seven values:

  • Performance: Action as a priority, Passion, and Curiosity;
  • Reputation: Responsibility and integrity, and Quality;
  • Humanity: Focus on patients, and Respect for people.

1 Inclusion (or solidarity)
Our company is made up of people. We live in a multicultural environment and value diversity and inclusion. We see solidarity as a fundamental element of our respect for people.
We respect and preserve the environment around us to ensure a better world for future generations.

2.patient focus
The heart of our identity is our focus on the patient. We aspire to improve the health and well-being of patients. All our activities are inspired by this fundamental value.

3.responsibility and integrity
We are collectively and individually committed to being exemplary in terms of responsibility and integrity.
Each of us represents Menarini and, as such, is responsible for the quality, reliability, integrity and scientific value of our products and services, devoting our time to them without concession.
We are committed to encouraging and promoting ethically correct behavior. Compliance is essential at all levels.

Our approach goes beyond compliance requirements, we adopt the highest ethical standards in all our processes creating a true culture of quality.
We believe that we improve patients' lives every day by defining quality as a core value of our culture.
While retaining our DNA and all the values that have made us the company we are today, we have decided to add three new values to guide our future success :

5 Action first
We create a climate in which all the senses are alert to a situation or problem, and give teams the means to act.

Encouraging curiosity and hiring curious people leads to innovation, evolution and organizational growth. Our employees are encouraged to think critically and express their views. Only by harnessing the collective energy and curiosity of our organization can we achieve operational excellence in everything we do.

Passion is a key driver of entrepreneurial creativity, perseverance and business performance. It's not just a question of enjoying what you do, of taking pleasure in your work, but rather of using the positive energy you derive from it to be proactive, problem-solving and results-oriented. Passion contributes to enthusiasm and creativity. It's the true fuel of an entrepreneurial approach.

Join Us

Every single one of our employees contributes to the development and performance of our company thanks to their own history, culture, personality, and experience. Menarini realizes the importance of giving young graduates and beginners a chance. We are committed to taking on interns and work-experience students, with a focus on promoting the development of cross-functional skills. Our HR policy guarantees equal treatment and non-discriminatory practices for all. Menarini takes great care to ensure its employees' well-being and quality of life at work. Find out more about our job opportunities