Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

All persons accessing the menarini.fr website, referred to below as the "Site", must read these terms and conditions of use before consulting any information on the Site.

Use of the Site implies acceptance of these terms and conditions of use and a commitment to comply with their provisions. As the general conditions of use may be modified at any time, without prior notice, we advise you to consult them regularly.

General information

This site is published by VAR GROUP, Via Piovola, 138 - 50053 Empoli (FI).

On behalf of MENARINI FRANCE SA /NHS /Relife domiciled at 1 Rue du Jura - 94150 Rungis.

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These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. As the general conditions of use may be modified at any time without prior notice, we advise you to consult them regularly.



MENARINI is a pharmaceutical company whose mission is to develop, produce and market products designed to improve human health.

The Site is intended for the general public (hereinafter the "User(s)"). Its purpose is to provide institutional information on the activities of Laboratoires MENARINI in France.

The Site is also accessible to Menarini's staff or to any person appointed by Menarini to moderate, administer and/or maintain the Site.

The information on the Site is intended for Users residing in mainland France (including Corsica) and all French overseas departments and regions (DROM-COM). Other countries may have different regulations and this information may not be appropriate outside France.



Menarini reserves the right to terminate, modify, suspend, restrict or interrupt access to all or part of the Site without notice.



The information appearing on the Site has been prepared by Menarini.

The documents and information published on the Site are of a medical and informational nature.

The Site is not intended to be used to report health problems, adverse reactions or quality complaints regarding Menarini products, nor is it intended to be used to ask technical or medical questions regarding said products.

This Site has been designed and developed in accordance with the "Charte pour la communication sur Internet des entreprises pharmaceutiques" published by the Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé (ANSM).


Intellectual property

The presentation and content of this Site constitute in their entirety a work protected under French law and international conventions on intellectual property. Menarini is the author - ©Copyright 2023 Menarini - all rights reserved.

All elements of this Site, in particular: domain name, photographs, logos, graphic charter and graphics, texts, statistical results, accreditation system, specifically developed applications and their sources, as well as all information of any nature whatsoever and in any existing or future format - static or dynamic HTML pages, image files, video sounds, etc. - are the exclusive property of Menarini or have been licensed to it, whether or not they are accompanied by the TM, ©, or ® acronyms.

In the same way, the presentation and content of all content and information appearing on the Site are the exclusive property of Menarini or of third parties with whom Menarini has entered into agreements permitting their distribution.

The User does not have the right to reproduce, distribute or, more generally, exploit them by any means whatsoever without Menarini's express prior written consent.

Any use of data or information from the Site must mention Menarini as the source of the data or information used.

Any partial or total reproduction, representation, adaptation or translation of the various elements of the Site, transfer to another site or incorporation into a third-party site of all or part of the Site, or even partial commercial exploitation of the data presented therein are prohibited and constitute counterfeiting.

Copying for private use of documents or pages inherent to the Site is however authorized provided that the following copyright notice appears on the copy you wish to make: ©Copyright 2023 Menarini - All rights reserved.

The logos and trademarks of products and/or services referenced on this Site are registered. Accordingly, nothing on this Site shall be construed as granting any license or right to use any trademarks and/or patents owned by Menarini or any third party.

Menarini reserves the right to take legal action against any infringement of its intellectual property rights.



The Site may provide hypertext links to other Internet sites and mobile applications (surface links or deep links). The provision of such links constitutes a service made available to Users of the Site.

Unless otherwise stated, the sites and mobile applications to which these links refer are independent of Menarini. The establishment of links to third-party sites and applications in no way constitutes an approval of all or part of the content of said sites on the part of Menarini. Nor does it materialize the existence of a partnership between Menarini and the person(s) responsible for the site(s) concerned.

Neither are they subject to Menarini's privacy policy, which applies exclusively to sites belonging to Menarini.

Consequently, Menarini cannot be considered as approving, in any way whatsoever, these third-party sites and applications and their content. Consequently, Menarini cannot be held liable for any data that may appear on these sites.

In accordance with the aforementioned copyright notice, it is forbidden for any third party to set up a hypertext link to the Site without Menarini's express prior written consent.



The Site is financed exclusively by Menarini. This Site does not host any form of advertising.



The information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Under no circumstances should this information be used to establish a medical diagnosis, which can only be made by a doctor during a consultation.

Menarini makes every effort to regularly update the information on its Site. However, despite the care and attention taken in the selection of sources and the drafting of content and information published on the Site, Menarini cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information contained on the Site. Certain inaccuracies, errors, omissions or data introduced without Menarini's knowledge or authorization may nevertheless appear on the Site.

Under these circumstances, Menarini may not, under any circumstances, be held liable for any direct or indirect damage of any nature whatsoever suffered by a User of the Site as a result (in particular and without restriction loss of data/programs, loss of software, business interruption, etc.) of consulting its Site and/or the use made of it by the User of the Site or the use of information provided on the Site, except in the case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct attributable exclusively to Menarini and proven by the party claiming such damage.

Where applicable, and for any document whose content is the sole responsibility of its author, the name and capacity of the latter is mentioned in the document concerned.

Menarini and its host may, at any time, modify or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the Site in order to carry out maintenance and/or make improvements and/or modifications to the Site. Menarini declines all responsibility for any modification, suspension or interruption of the Site.

The Site and its contents are governed by the laws of France, and any dispute relating thereto shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of France.



The computerized registers kept in the computer systems of Menarini or a company appointed by Menarini under reasonable conditions of security, will be considered as proof of communications and various transmissions of information between Internet users and Menarini.

Data is stored and archived on a reliable and durable medium in accordance with article 1379 of the French Civil Code.