Pharmacovigilance: what does it mean to monitor drugs?


Menarini monitors the safety of a drug even after it’s marketed, from the time a drug is prescribed by the physicians up to the time it’s used by the patient (and even later).

This monitoring is done through an essential instrument, Pharmacovigilance, which takes care of identifying, evaluating, understanding and preventing any type of any safety problem that may occur following the use of a drug.

For all the drugs marketed by Menarini in the world, all possible information about any problem resulting from the use of a drug, identified as a possible adverse event, is collected through safety reports.

These reports can be made by healthcare operators (physicians, nurses, pharmacists) or by the patients themselves.

To give an example

1 - The patient takes a drug and has a problem.

2 - He/she can easily refer this to his/her doctor who in turn reports this to the Health Authorities or directly to us in the Company.

3 - The reports received by the Company are handled by the Pharmacovigilance Department and the information included in the report is entered in a safety database.

4 - All the information contained in this database is constantly analysed in order to identify and prevent any problems regarding the drug safety that may occur following the use of a drug.

We do all this to safeguard the patient’s health and safety.


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