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Diabetes affects 5.6% of the French population, or 3.8 million people by 2022. It is estimated that 1 in 5 men aged between 70 and 85, and 1 in 7 women aged between 75 and 85, are treated pharmacologically for diabetes.

Given the increasing frequency of diabetes, its under-diagnosis, its impact on quality of life and the complications it can cause, diabetes is a major public health issue.

Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90% of diagnosed cases, and is characterized by insulin resistance and a relative lack of insulin secretion. It mainly affects middle-aged adults, usually over 45, who are overweight, sedentary and have a family history of diabetes.

The disease is potentially serious because of its complications, notably cardiovascular and renal. Its management is based on the implementation of hygienic and dietary measures, including a balanced diet and physical activity, as well as the use of appropriate medication.

Source : Santé Publique France